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Deciding to make a financial contribution, becoming a Hospice Halifax member or volunteering will help raise awareness about hospice care and establish a free-standing hospice in Halifax, ultimately providing more meaningful choice for patients and families facing end of life.

Many people choose to become community champions — talking about the importance of hospice in brief elevator chats or in grocery store line ups — and many people attend Hospice Halifax fundraising events to show their support. Often, people who start work on volunteer committees eventually join the board of directors.

Financial contributions
People donate to Hospice Halifax through, a secure online donation site that accepts credit card transactions, or they donate by mail. If your gift is in honour or in memory of someone, please fill in, email or mail the In Memoriam Donation Information Form. All donations over $10 are tax deductible.

At $20, annual membership is a great way to support hospice activities and to ensure you stay up to date with Hospice Halifax news and events. Membership fees support current programs and planning for a free-standing hospice. Renew or purchase membership by filling in and mailing the Membership Form.

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