Pryor house-1 450 x 338

Built in 1892 by George Canfield for Oswald and Isabella Pryor, the house at 9 Spring Street in Bedford was a private residence for its first 50 years. In 1932 it was deeded to a son of the Pryors and became a boarding house for teachers. Not surprisingly, it earned the nickname ‘The Teachery.’

In 1942, the Bedford community purchased the house. It became the residence of Clyde Fletcher, principal of Bedford Central School, then later of Martin Gallagher, Halifax County engineer.

In 1983, Bedford Heritage ’80 took over the property’s management and in 1991, after Bedford became part of Halifax Regional Municipality, the building was registered as a municipal heritage property.

When Hospice Halifax purchased the building from Halifax Regional Municipality in 2009, the property had seen better days — but its pedigree and sturdy frame were evident. The promise was there and extensive renovations and a window campaign followed suit. We thank our partners and volunteers for helping re-establish Pryor House as a community space.

The next chapter of Pryor House’s history is still being written.